The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation is known as a regional leader in economic development and is one of the biggest employers in Umatilla County.

Coyote Business Park is owned and operated by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR) and is designated as an IRS-certified Opportunity Zone. Located 7 miles east of Pendleton, Oregon, and directly adjacent to Interstate 84, you will find Coyote Business Park is a perfect location for your next business move.

Coyote Business Park’s economic and community development team is committed to helping your business with the planning/permitting process, partnering with developers or contractors, workforce recruitment and development, local marketing and much more. We look forward to connecting with you. Give us a call, or email us at: info@coyotebusinesspark.com, to learn more about how your company can thrive at Coyote Business Park.

Meet Our Development Team

William Tovey

Director, Economic & Community Development


With 35 years of financial management experience, Mr. Tovey has worked for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation for the last 31 years. He oversees 30 staff, included Economic and Tax Administration, Construction Development, Land Acquisition, Farming Enterprise and Solid Waste.

Up to 2002, Mr. Tovey has been involved as project lead on the majority of the development of the Tribe’s Wildhorse Resort & Casino. This $60M investment by the Tribes includes a Casino, World Class Museum, Golf Course, Hotel and RV Park.

Mr. Tovey completed the Coyote Business Park infrastructure that included more than 200 acres and a budget of $7M in Tribal, federal and state funding. Mr. Tovey was also responsible for the planning and developing Cayuse Technologies, Davita Dialysis, Kenworth Trucking facility, Arrowhead Travel Plaza and Umatilla Forest Service building totaling an additional $25M in construction. In addition, Mr. Tovey was a key leader in the development of the $26M Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center as well as the $23M Nixyáawii Education Center which includes a 9-12 grade high school and opened in 2019. Mr. Tovey holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance from the University of Idaho. He also proudly serves on the board of directors for the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Economic Development Corporation.

Bruce Zimmerman, CPA

Tax Administrator


Bruce Zimmerman is the Tax Administrator for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation and has over 30 years of experience in the area of taxation, with over 25 years specializing in the field of ad valorem and utility property taxes. Since 1996, he has managed the tribal utility taxation system for the Umatilla Indian Reservation. In addition to his duties as the tribal tax administrator, he is also responsible for utility rights-of-way and easements across tribal lands and works in the Department of Economic and Community Development. He also works on assisting with the structuring of leases for the Coyote Business Park and was the project manager responsible for the permitting, development and construction of the 103 MW Rattlesnake Wind Farm.

Bruce is the Co-Host of the State-Tribal Economic Cluster Group representing the 9 Oregon Tribes regarding economic development issues with the various State Departments, Agencies, Governor’s Office, and the Secretary of State. Since 2000, he has taught the Valuation of Utility and Transportation Properties for Ad Valorem Property Taxation Principle Course for the Western States of Tax Administrators through Utah State University. Since 1997, Bruce has severed on the Board of Directors for the National Intertribal Tribal Tax Alliance, a nonprofit organization, that providing educational support and guidance to tribes on matter dealing with various taxation issues.

Bruce has presented testimony to the Oregon Legislator regarding tribal economic development and taxation issues as well as expert witness testimony to the Oregon Tax Court involving the taxation and valuation of industrial and utility properties. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants


leona enright

Business Recruitment Specialist


Leona Enright is a Business Recruitment Specialist for the CTUIR Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD). She actively assists in CTUIR’s ongoing expansion efforts for diversifying the Coyote Business Park and CTUIR community.

Leona has a strong background in government finances. She is bi-lingual and is fluent in Spanish. Leona is an enrolled CTUIR member. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration focusing on Leadership, Organization and Management with a minor in Communications and a Master’s in Business Administration from Eastern Oregon University. She is currently an active member of the National Millennial Community, where she contributes her voice to broadening awareness and understanding to advancing civility, and focusing on solutions with the Millennial and Gen Z community.


Steven Hart

Business Building Infrastructure Specialist




 As the Business Building Infrastructure Specialist, Steven brings 5 years of infrastructure experience to the Economic and Community Development Department.  Steven’s knowledge base will contribute to the management of CTUIR’s current and future tenants of Coyote Business Park. 
His technical and specialized skills in infrastructure and water management have assisted him in being a key member of the CTUIR Well 6 project.  Steven completed the National Tribal Water & Wastewater Operations and received his certification in January 2022. Steven is an enrolled CTUIR tribal member.  In 2021, Steven was elected to join the Nixyáawii Community School’s board. That same year he became a member of the CTUIR’s TERO Commission. Steven takes pride in providing for the tribal community and looks forward to economic development within Coyote Business Park.

monica paradise

Business Development & Tax Project Manager



 Monica Paradise is a Business Development & Tax Project Manager for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation-Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD).

Monica is an enrolled CTUIR tribal member. She has worked for CTUIR for five years in an array of financial capacities giving her the opportunity to work with multiple CTUIR departments and external grant agencies. This experience has led her to develop an exceptional knowledge base of grant management and compliance, target budgets, all while adhering to federal, state, and tribal rules and regulations. She has a well-rounded education background in business, accounting, and law. Monica holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Accounting Concentration, and a Master Legal Studies-Indigenous People’s Law. Monica is an individual who is committed, detail oriented, adheres to policy and reaching benchmarks to achieve goals and objectives. She is passionate about the tribal community, and welcomes opportunity to be part of delivering economic growth and strengthening tribal sovereignty and sufficiency.