Coyote Business Park

Coyote Business Park is located in Pendleton, Oregon at the foot of the beautiful Blue Mountains. The western, outdoorsy lifestyle of our area belies the sophistication of a workforce that supports thriving industries in technology, manufacturing, medical, distribution/logistics, food processing, and more. 

A three to four hour drive can deliver your products to most of the major cities of the Pacific Northwest: Portland, Seattle, Spokane and Boise. A day’s drive can get you as far as Vancouver, Salt Lake City, or northern California. Proximity to those markets, along with the fact the Coyote Business Park sits on Interstate 84 and is home to commercial truck services, makes our certified industrial lots the ideal location for distribution and logistics companies.

Coyote Business Park's economic and community development team assists existing business and new business development. Come visit or give us a call to learn more about how your company can prosper at Coyote Business Park!

Why should you consider
Coyote Business Park?

  • Certified shovel-ready sites!
  • Unique tax incentives!
  • No system development charges!
  • Flexible lease terms!



Coyote Business Park distribution and logistics maps

Check out our maps to see why we’re a great fit for logistics and distribution centers, or see other transportation options and site maps.

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